The Rock Wall

Posted February 27, 2014 at 11:42 am

I continue to be amazed and humbled by the cards and well wishes I receive from all over the United States. Thank you.

– We went to Pete and Murnie’s 50th anniversary celebration Sunday at Pacetown church. They have enough family to fill the church and did.

Had a good conversation with Dale Fast, who some of you know by his Navy name – Jim. I had never heard the entire story about how Doc Larsen, a DO in Bonner Springs, KS, diagnosed and cured the cause of his terrible headaches, a misaligned spine. When the old doctor found the two out of line vertebrae down almost to his waist, he told Dale he could cure him in six months…and did.

Dale had already been subjected to cobalt treatments and was about to undergo back surgery when he happened onto the doctor where Uncle Russell and Aunt Reba Ingram worked on his farm.

As Davis sat eating lunch with Kimball and me, I told him, “Look around at the older ones. They are the kids I grew up with down at Glade Springs (church).”

Then I told him, “I’ve looked around and see maybe six people here that aren’t related to you.”

There’s just no dinner like a church dinner. On the way home, Kimball said, “I always say I’m not going to overeat, but I always do.”

– I’m officially tired of cold weather. Every winter I always pay attention to the fields when the vegetation is frozen down. I say that you can see every warble in the ground, every ditch and hump. I know some spots where you had better commit that to memory or you’ll find yourself with your hind wheels off the ground.

– Mary told Kimball that she has some crocus blooming, the super early flowers that sometimes come up in the snow. Mary says they are on the south side of her house and they are the smaller ones. Kimball has gone on crocus patrol every day since. Nothing. I even went and looked in the usual crocus spots over the weekend. Nothing.

I think I’ll use the Larry Dablemont forecasting method he talked about in his column this week: some day soon.

Oh, I’m now taking advice from my wife. In the past, I thought I could charge ahead full speed when she said I needed to rest and such. Now when she tells me that my time in the hospital wasn’t just hard on me, I dial it back a notch. Nothing like a hospital stay to show you that you’re not as tough as you thought you were…nor as independent. I now appreciate every step I can take. KL