Lance Molz loses his sole at State Track meet

Posted May 29, 2014 at 12:19 pm

Molz loses sole 3cc.jpg

BLOW OUT HOBBLES MOLZ SLIGHTLY – When his track shoe “exploded” two strides into the 100 meter final race in the state track meet, Sophomore Bulldog Speedster Lance Molz continued to a fifth place finish. His coach, Brian Goatley (also in photo) said Lance could have finished as high as second without that handicap. Lance’s dad made an emergency run to buy new track shoes which carried Lance to a sixth place finish in the 200 meter race, two hundredths of a second off his best time, but he was wondering throughout the second race if his shoe would blow.

by Coach Brian Goatley

The Class 1 and 2A State Championships were held this past Friday and Saturday at Lincoln University in Jefferson City. Lance Molz was the lone qualifier this year for the El Dorado Springs track team, qualifying in both the 100m. and 200m. dash.

Lance had to go through prelims on Friday to qualify on to finals for Saturday. In the 100m. dash prelims, Lance qualified 5th with a time of 11.58 seconds and in the 200m. dash, he qualified 8th, with a time of 23.08 seconds.

We were pretty optimistic about Saturday and finals knowing that Lance has run faster times than he did in prelims.

On Saturday, the meet was delayed for an hour due to rain and then got started. Nerves were at an all out high. Lance warmed up for the 100m. dash and got his blocks set at the starting line, awaiting the starter’s commands.

Two steps into the race, Lance blew out the inside of his right shoe, having part of his foot in the shoe, part of it out of the shoe. He continued to battle through the rest of the race to finish 5th, slightly ahead of his prelims time, despite having to deal with the shoe issue.

This kind of weighed on his mind heading into the 200m. dash. What was he going to use to run in? He did have enough time for his dad to be able to go get him another pair before the 200m. dash.

He received them about 45 minutes before the race and tried to break the new pair in as best he could. He finished the 200m. dash, 6th, just two hundredths of a second off of his best time of the year and just one hundredth of a second off of 4th place.

So, overall, a great day considering all the adversity that Lance had to face. Placing in the top eight at state also gives him ALL-STATE honors in both events.

Job well done, Lance.