We'll miss you Rob Robertson

Posted July 10, 2014 at 10:34 am

By Dora Jean McKinley

Marilyn had lunch at Buzz’s on Thursday. They were celebrating Barbara’s birthday.

Had dinner with Lisa H. on Friday. Marilyn said they walked in the Relay for Life on the square.

Marilyn said they went to the Moss fundraiser on Saturday. Dinner and pie auction and six couples played the Newest game. Son, Jim, and his newest wife, Marilyn, came in second as they missed one question.

I was glad to see Dora well enough to write the news again so maybe I can add to it.

Wayne is doing better. He is watching his weight to avoid taking some of his medicine, that is going well. He is getting out a little more.

We have had company this last week. Wednesday, Karen Reed came to stay a couple hours with Wayne while I went to J.D.’s ball game at Nevada. J.D. and I have spent most of the week playing in our pool, he is getting pretty good at swimming. I am good at sitting in my plastic chair. Hannah White spent a couple of nights with her friend, not sure which one. She got something in her eye and got a scratch in it and had to miss some swimming with friends.

Saturday, grandson, James; wife, Michelle and their son, Luke, arrived from near Dallas, Trophy Club, TX. They plan to spend the week with us.

Sunday Kathi, Isabel and Jewel Lunday brought Chicken Mary’s chicken for our dinner, very good as usual. Later, Pam and Bob Wingate stopped by after taking J.D. home. They all took naps then they were late getting him home to go eat at Gebharts.

We had several missing at church. Lonnie Roland reported that Rob Robertson had passed away at 10:30 Saturday 6. Such a loss, he was just too young. We send sympathy to Barbara, his wife and parents, Bob and Maxine Robertson.

Pam and Bob Wingate played cards with the Wheatley’s, Chris and Roberta Sage, Marge Fritts and Claude Billingley.