Kimball just showed me her cell phone with a photo of Van with all of his teeth, both of them, barely breaking his bottom gum line.

He just turned eight months. Adrian cut her first tooth at four months and two days.

– I got out of the hospital on Tuesday, July 3, and felt pretty good. A week later I have gotten over that.

I had a regular follow up appointment with Dr. Casey on Tuesday, July 10. First order of business was a sample.

A few minutes later when Dr. Casey walked into the exam room, he said, “I see your infection level is back up.”

I fumbled, “How did you know that?”

He said, “I saw it as I walked by.”

Folks, that’s kinda spooky when the doctor knows the results that quick.

He prescribed some pretty potent antibiotics for three weeks. Hope they work. I feel rotten.

– I received several statements today from officials congratulating President Trump on his appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. But the funniest one I heard of came from someone in opposition to the appointment. In his or her haste to make a statement, the writer had pre-written her or her objections then had forgotten to fill in Judge Kavanaugh’s name just leaving it at XXX. That, folks, is obviously well thought out, not just a knee jerk reaction to anything the President did.

– Davis, Erica and Ben took us out to lunch Tuesday in repayment, I guess, of everyone at the office, but mostly Kimball, baby sitting Caddee, the dog, and Gwen and her daughter, Brittany, petting Mordecai, the ferret, for three weeks while Ben, Erica and Davis were in Iowa selling fireworks for Erica’s mother, Davis’s one big complaint, Iowa is COLD.

I had never been up close to a ferret before. I think I already told you that Mordecai reminds me of a hairy snake.

He has all the armament of a mink, which is a ferocious fighter, they just didn’t include any instructions or how to use them. Mordecai is always ready to be petted. His favorite form of attack is to lick your fingers.

Mary held Mordecai Monday before Erica and Davis and their son, Ben, took him home. When Mary got home, KAT, Brad’s cat, went over Mary’s hands carefully, trying to figure out what wonderful creature she had handled. Too bad, Mordecai is back in Nevada.

– Nora Gadea found the 2nd armband card Monday on a box at the north side of the El Dorado Post Office. Now you can work on the third one… KL

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