As I was leaving an eating place well after noon Tuesday, I thought I recognized a guy who had just driven up in a pickup and got out. Then I recognized the lady with him for sure – Joan Walker. It was her youngest, Richard, who had been driving her pickup. His sunglasses had partially hidden his face.

I went back inside because I hadn’t seen him in quite a while. He was as friendly as ever. He is fully retired from law enforcement as of when he turned 60, he said. He had been a reserve deputy on the Greene County Sheriff’s force until then. The only work he still does is teach motorcycle at the college.(OTC, I think).Other than that, he’s busy with Honey-Do projects from his mother and his wife. He had visited the site of the drowning and will go to the funeral for the Green County deputy. He said the paved road is flat hiding the treacherous “dip” where the runoff becomes several feet deep.

– At the home football game with Buffalo Friday night, I was determined not to ruin my camera and lens in the rain, so I climbed the stairs in the press box for the first time. I found a chair beside the one other photographer/reporter already there and settled in thankful for the dry spot and the great view. The Bulldogs and Buffalo, both excellent teams, kept me on the edge of my seat until almost the last play of the game. It got tense when Buffalo had the ball and we had the lead 28-20. The Buffalo quarterback was passing on every down and connecting way to often to suit me. He was getting down to where his next pass might be into the end zone when Junior Bulldog Defensive Back and Wide Receiver Derek Hayes intercepted the pass with 6 seconds on the clock. Derek did a victory on the sideline. One kneel down and the Bulldogs sealed the victory.

I called Kimball who had gone to photo the royalty at the Schell City Fall Festival. She had been listening to Mike and Joe and was excited about the result.

-Sunday night, we just heard the tail end of a joke from Ray Stevens. I told Kimball I didn’t understand it. She thought she did and tried to explain it. I still didn’t get it.

Caber-Ray Nashville disappeared off my list of recorded programs. Try as I might, I couldn’t find it. I gave up.

Monday evening after I went home from work, I mowed on the yard at little and after Kimball got home, ate some supper as we watched Elementary. Kimball went to bed and all of a sudden the Ray Stevens program was there on my list. I stayed up and napped in my chair while “watching” the program. Suddenly, I came to as Ray told his story: A man was walking on a California beach when he found a bottle. As he wiped away the sand, the usual genie appeared and gave him the obligatory one wish.

He said, “I have family in Hawaii but a boat ride makes me seasick and it’s too expensive to fly. I want a bridge from here to there.”

The genie said, “Oh, man, that’s too much work. I’ll give you another wish.”

The man said, “OK, I want to understand women.”

The genie said, “Will that be two lanes or four?”     KL

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