Just talked to Cedar County Clerk Peggy Kenney about the Vietnam Wall. It is scheduled to arrive in Stockton May 11 after being transported from Springfield. It will be set up on the Stockton football field. That is a change from the original plan – to set it up in front of the high school where the ground is naturally wet and in case of rain might become a loblolly. The Wall is scheduled to leave Cedar County on May 14.

Peggy said it will be guarded 24 hours a day – a fitting tribute to those whose names are listed there because they gave the ultimate sacrifice.

There are several names I want to see as I’m sure you do, too. I made sure that one young man who lives out of the area knows about the wall coming because it contains the name of the father he never met, my friend, Derrill Price.

My high school class has at least one classmate on there, Harry Powers.

Davis had questions when he proofed this. The traveling Vietnam Wall is a replica is the permanent one in Washington D.C. They don’t dig up and transport those tons of marble.

– I had a delightful phone conversation Tuesday with Tom Tough who was in high school here about the same time I was. He called up about his subscription but the conversation went far and wide from there. Tom did tell me that the Sun is the only newspaper he reads which I consider quite a compliment since he lives in the Springfield area. But he surely knew a lot about world events he didn’t get from our paper. Retired attorneys are like that, I guess. His major concern is the health of his 40 year old son who had a heart transplant last November and is doing well thanks to lots of prayers and God’s help.

Tom plans to have a 70th birthday bash near his home there since it is hard to get the old codgers he plays with to come back to El Dorado Springs. They were last up here a couple of years ago when they played for a class reunion in the Leeper Center. Kimball and I got to hear some of that.

– Monday night we went to bed fairly early so we could get up and go on Tuesday. I was sound asleep when Kimball shook me awake telling me I had left on the lamp on my nightstand. I did not appreciate being awakened like that because I have a hard time going going back to sleep. Minutes later she was snoring. I had to get up, fix a little hot milk, cut a small slice of cheese and put some peanut butter on a rice cake. After my midnight snack, I got back in bed about an hour after she shook me awake. I finally got back to sleep.

On Tuesday, Kimball didn’t remember any of it. Or so she said.

Talk about selective memory. KL

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