Big surprise at the Land O Lakes Youth Fair: Fred Wosoba had the winning bid for the belt buckle at $325. Of course, if memory serves me correctly, Fred has them all. You’ll have to ask him how many. I think his children bought it for him one year. This time I think Fred was on his own… with his wife beside him so she knows how he spent his money.

– Picnic’s here. On Monday there were carnival rides and booths parked everywhere. Nary a carney person in sight. I suppose they are resting up from their last big show.

Sunday evening when Kimball drove in to see a movie, she said the lawn chairs were already set up in the Park. That’s a phenomenon in itself. Kinda like fish that know to go up a certain river.

– Did I tell you about the stray cat that Davis adopted and let loose in the office. I’m sure it was a young female feral cat. I was trying to be friendly with it one day, cradling it in my arms and petting it. Suddenly, Kat (that’s her name) exploded and jumped out of my arms. I felt lucky that I didn’t have skid marks on my arms. Never touched her again.

Well, Kat mostly stayed out of sight but each morning she was waiting for Mary to open the office and feed her.

A bond formed so Kimball had Kat fixed and gave her to Mary. At first, Kat hid coming out at night to eat the food Mary left for her.

Then she advanced to sitting in the window at night.

Somewhere in this mix, Kat decided she liked Brad and Brad likes her. She has advanced to sleeping on the bed with him and let’s Brad roll her around playfully. She comes immediately when he calls, “Kat.”

Mary can pick her up anytime she wishes.

And that’s how a totally wild cat became a pet.

-Davis had a good time hiding the five armband cards and I know you had a good time finding them. I was at the store the other day and a couple of people tried to get a clue out of me. That’s his baby.

– Oh, Adrian had another appointment with her doctor this week. It’s definitely a boy. I couldn’t tell you until she was sure.

– Have you seen the hibiscus bush in the yard of the house at Spring and Park? Gorgeous. We’ve got some at home but nothing like that.

-See you at the Picnic Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday. I’m dreading the heat but you are worth it. KL

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