I feel blessed to live in a neighborhood full of the most amazing kids. Many of them are wise beyond their years. Once in a while kids tell me what’s really on their minds and I find it very interesting.

One topic that came up recently was quite an eye-opener for me. It has to do with our City pool policies. Why is it the kids’ gift card/debit cards they get from summer school not honored at the City pool? After all, they worked hard to have perfect attendance to earn that $100 they got on it. And now, they can’t even use it for something they care about that they’ve been looking forward to for weeks and weeks? It’s like a slap in the face. It’s not fair in their minds. Personally, I would have to agree. It’s very disappointing.

Now that the City of ElDo office is looking at how to start accepting debit cards for bill payment, why not extend this electronic capability to the City pool at the same time? No doubt easier said than done and yet it would be well worth the effort, don’t you think?

Dawna M Marzurak-Fike

El Dorado Springs

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