Coach upbeat about football season prospects

On Tuesday, Bulldog Head Football Coach Derek Scroggins was pleased with the results of the team’s midnight Red/Black scrimmage over the weekend and the prospects for the season.

He told the Sun, “I saw a lot of kids playing aggressively, showing great effort, so we are pleased.”

Q. Who’s going to be your quarterback?

It looks like Trey Babcock has locked that down pretty well.”

Q. What about other positions?

Q. We’ve got a couple of weeks to try to figure out a lot of the other spots. Really, we have good competition across the board. We are pretty excited about what we will have going against Stockton.

Q. It looked like you mostly concentrated on the running game.

Yes, we are definitely a running team.

Q. What’s the name of your offense?

We run a Power T.

Q. Is that what you ran last year?

This will be our 4th year.

Q. Did you learn anything or make any changes from Friday night’s scrimmage?

Yes. We were able to establish an early depth chart. We have an idea where people fit. We can see who battles it out for different positions.

Like I said, I was impressed with our overall aggression. I felt like the kids played really hard.

Q. Who are your coaches?

Defensive cordidnator is Carpenter. Offensive coordinator is Payne.

Q. And you do everything?

Yes, I’m predominately on the offensive side, but I’ve got a great staff this year. We work hand-in-hand to get the things done that need to be done.

Q. Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens when you show up against Stockton on the 18th.

Yes. We’re looking forward to it.

Q. Did anybody get hurt?

No, we got out injury free.

Q. Good, that’s important.

Yes. Definitely.

TRENTON HARDIE – the only returning running back from last year, managed to get free for some good yardage in the Red/Black Scrimmage Friday night/Saturday morning.

CHASING THE QUARTERBACK – During the midnight Red/Black scrimmage Nathan Brown pursued Freshman Gavin Morgan, the JV quarterback who is also a running back.

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