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MY 4-H EXPERIENCES BY AVERY SCHIERECK – Hello, my name is Avery Schiereck. I am a member of the Union Hall 4-H Club, I have been a member for six years, going on my 7th. In 4-H I show cattle, show poultry, and judge livestock. I have shown Cattle for what is going to be my 5th year and I have learned many things like; Responsibility, Trustworthiness, and Respect. In Poultry I have shown for six years, and have learned things that, are some what out there, like how to give a chicken a bath (crazy right?!). I have been judging Livestock for,, going on to be my 4th year, in these years I have learned so many new things that my coaches have taught me, as well as competed at State. 4-H is very important in my life, I have learned so many things that sports just can’t teach you. I have made many lifelong friends and met people from all across Missouri. I think 4-H is very important in this Community, County, and overall State and Country.

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4 H WEEK REESE STORY – My name is Reese Schiereck. I am a member of the Union Hall 4 H Club. I am starting my 5th year in 4 H. I am currently Vice President of my club. I am in the 6th grade at El Dorado Springs Middle School. My projects at Entomology, Beef and Poultry. My favorite project is Beef and Entomology. I love showing cattle. I have learn a lot of responsibility with taking care of my heifers. I love catching bugs. It is fun looking for a new bug. 4 H is very important to me and my family. I am a 3rd generation 4 – H member in my family. By Reese Schiereck.

Union Hall 4-H attends church 3 cc

Union Hall 4-H attends church