The Boultinghouse reunion was well attended. Those present were: Don and Karen Boultinghouse, Felicia and Johan Deklein, David and Christi Benham and Maverick, Wade, Michaela and Silas Hicks, Cara Berning, Pete and Murnie Fast, Miley Boultinghouse, Gregg Fast, Mike Boultinghouse, Karen Keith, Curtis Ingram, Alan and Sherry Boultinghouse – Girard, KS, Charles and Carol Boultinghouse, Misty and Addy Cochran, Wecley Davis, Ty Davis, Hannah Mason and Everliegh – Appleton City, Trent and Helen Boultinghouse – Mission, KS, Shane, Virginia and Darlinda Davis, Margaret and Tom Gough, Kenny and Kimball Long and Bill and Joyce Ingram.