On Thursday, the Sun called Sherre King for permission to publish this facebook post. She just wanted to add that the prayers are working and he is improving. She said it’s o good to be at our local hospital so she can go home at night and get some good sleep. Buddy stays in the hospital.

Sherre King

I know I haven’t updated friends and family for awhile. I am so sorry, it’s been a stressful time. Buddy was even more confused after the second surgery, shunting the pressure that built up around the brain to the abdomen to absorb. He struggled with anxiety if I wasn’t near him. Doctors are advising to not over stimulate him right now.

He did not qualify for the rehab hospital we used before so we brought him home Friday evening. We then had to take him to the local ER at 3 a.m. Saturday because he needed additional oxygen that we did not have at home and a fever. He is currently admitted at Cedar County Memorial Hospital. I am hopeful he can qualify for a rehab stay there.

I want to share with you about Sunday morning. Sarah was to show up soon to visit. Buddy was asleep after having had a bad headache. I was crying at the bedside feeling exhausted and feeling so sad for my husband. Then I felt prayers, truly felt them, and was able to pray for strength for myself and guidance for the doctors and nurses caring for Buddy.

At the end of Sarah’s visit, Buddy developed a headache again. As I tried to soothe and relax him until the pain Med kicked in, a song ran through my heart. At first I fought singing in the room, then I quietly did. “When My Name Is Called” is a beautiful song of God’s sacrifice and love for us. Of the promises God gives his children. Then a quiet smile came on Buddy’s face and he thanked me and fell asleep.

I truly appreciate all the prayers and support and cards. They touch my heart, and give me strength.

Update: Sherre King

Just a quick note to say the prayers are working! Thankful to be at our local hospital where we know the people personally. Such kind acts from all the nurses and high quality care. Buddy did get approved to stay here for some rehab days.

From Monday on there are more frequent moments of clarity. If he concentrates too hard he has a return of the headache and confusion but after a brief rest is awakening with more retained memory.

Blessed again as family have come visit. Blessed to see Church family in the hall and get some hugs. The little blessing we all take for granted of getting to go home to our own bed at night! Thankful again for prayers and support.

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