Socialism, do we want it in the United States/In his paper, “Ban Socialism in America,” C.A. Lyles states:

“Socialism’s fraudulent claims over free health care, free college tuition and free Medicare for all will bankrupt our country.

Socialism will double or triple individual and corporate income taxes and still be insufficient to finance the more than 100 trillion dollar price tap the socialist democrats are proposing. We live in a free society and the socialism is a political and economic theory which advocates the government will control over entire lives and take away our freedom.”

David Horowitz in his book Blitz, makes several points about socialism:

(Page 211) The “Green New Deal” is totalitarian communism. It’s chief democrat advocates, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, are Marxist supporters of communism and terrorist regimes. Their plans would require – by their own accounts – a military mobilization.” On Page 111, Horowitz says, “The resolution submitted by Cortez opens with a statement explaining that to implement the Green New Deal Americans would have to live under a military regime – that is – martial law – for the ten years required to save the planet.”

On Page 110, Horowitz writes, “The Green New Deal called for the destruction of the private health insurance industry, which serves 170 million Americans, as it called for the elimination of all private automobiles. It called for the elimination as whole industries and for taxpayers to underwrite the laziness of people who didn’t want to work. These extreme measures indicate a radical hostility toward free market economics and individual rights (not to mention individual responsibility. They reflect a classic radical contempt for the views, needs and concerns of the public they are allegedly helping. And they reflect an annoyance that says to people, ‘”We know what’s best for you and you’ll agree with us or else.”’

On Page 198, Horowitz says, “Read any page from the vast libraries of socialist literature and you’ll read nothing about the creation of wealth, but plenty about the redistribution of wealth by mean of taxation or confiscation. Socialism involves the taking of wealth from one person by force of government and giving it to another. Bottom line: Socialism is theft. This is why in socialist regimes, poverty invariably grows and wealth creation always diminishes.”

“When America won the cold war in 1991, it was a victory over a socialist empire that murdered more than a hundred million people, enslaved many hundreds of millions more and reduced whole continents to life deadening poverty.” (Page 199)

Carolyn West

El Dorado Springs

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