This very familiar face makes sure, along with her team, that the patients are provided the proper dietary needs for their particular health conditions, all the while making sure that the CCMH staff is fed and that we have some snacks on hand too. We appreciate her Dietary Department very much!! Here are some fun facts about Sherri –
Favorite color – Blue
Favorite food – Her reply -”I like ALL food!”
Favorite dessert – Chocolate Chip Cookies
Favorite candy – Chocolate bars — I see a pattern here!
Favorite TV show – “Dukes of Hazard”
Favorite book – My Bible – or a good mystery
Favorite song – “It Is Well With My Soul”
Favorite drink – Water
Favorite flower – “ALL of them”
Do you play a musical instrument – A little bit of piano
Favorite sports team – KC Chiefs
Pet peeve – Lack of common sense
Favorite Christmas carol – “Oh Holy Night”
Favorite vacay destination – Oregon – “You can’t beat the ocean view on that coast”
Sunrise of sunset – Sunset
Favorite cartoon character – Chip and Dale
Best dish you can cook – Homemade bread
Favorite animal/pet – “I’m a dog person — so Daisey, that’s my dog – a long-haired mix
Dream car – “1964 Comet – Black with red seats, I had one when I was a teenager – should have kept it.”
How fast have you ever driven a car – “80 mph and too scared to go any faster”
Go to saying – “Who cares”
And then – Tell something about yourself that most might not know – “I’m a crafter, painter, photographer, can sing a little so I’m told -so as they say, Jack of all trades, Master of none” — I think we at CCMH think Sherri is very talented!! Thanks for the fun info Sherri.

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