Thank you to all who came to donate blood at the El Dorado Springs Church of Christ on Thursday, May 18th. The folks at the Blood Drive had extended hours due to the blood shortage and our goal was to collect 35 units. Our community turned out well to support the CBCO Blood Drive! We had 45 people register to make a donation and we collected 39 units of blood, thanks to everyone in our area! We appreciate each of you coming in to give your donation. We cannot save lives without your life-saving gift! Thank you so much! Blood from your donations go to many Hospitals, including El Dorado Springs, Nevada, Bolivar, Joplin, and Springfield.
Thank you to the following people:
Jessica Adamson, Sharon Baker, Kathryn Barker, Christina Behl, Jeffrey Behl, Lynda Bishop, Dakota Black-Underwood, Evelyn Boyle, Bobby Budd, Carlos Cary, David Cauthon, Kelly Chism, Deland Davis, Mike Frier, Crissa Gardner, Connie Hamrick, George Hamrick, Robert Hite, Grady Hodge, Denise Johnson, Brian Koger, John Koger, Randy Leedy, Lori Leedy, Nick Mahurin, Brenda Mart, Sherry Mitchell, Royce Plain, Lilly Plain, Catherine Rivers, Dennis Rowan, Richard Schadowsky, Courtney Spencer, Katie Stevens, Theresa Tabor, Lyn Templeton, Jeffrey Tipton, Courtney Waggoner, Gayla West, Teah White, Rod White, Steve Wiseman, Teri Biddlecome, Dan Yoder, and Leroy Yoder.
The following are volunteers who serve visibly or behind the scenes for the Blood Mobile: Christena Green, Kay Sewell, Jeannie Hertzberg, Doris Fortney, Jan Richardson, Sheryl Walker, Pat Moore, Becky Traponi, and Teri Biddlecome. Also, a big THANK YOU! to the Church of Christ for letting us use their building for this important event.
Our NEXT Blood Drive is scheduled at the Church of Christ on Thursday, July 13, 2023, from 12 to 6. Appointments are strongly encouraged and can be made by logging on to, calling 417-227-5006, or you can call Teri Biddlecome at 417-876-1115 a week or two prior to the Blood Drive to schedule your appointment.
Teri Biddlecome
CCMH Hospital Auxiliary Volunteer

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