Cedar County Historical Society members met at the Museum on Monday, April 29. Those present were: President Judy Nichols, Vice President Chris Barber, Treasurer Anna Hopkins, Sheila Griggs, Virginia Barber, Judith Cain, Ellis Benham and Bob Phillips.

Bob Phillips gave a short summary of the Osage Indian War of 1837. The territory of the Osage included land in present-day Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. But, in an 1808 treaty the Osage had given up most of their land in southern Missouri Territory, also believing that the treaty permitted them to continue hunting and fishing in the region.

The War in southwestern Missouri occurred when the last remaining Osage Indians refused to move west in 1837. Some Missouri Militia units, which included a family member of Bob Phillips, drove-out hunting parties of the Osage; sending them on to Oklahoma and Kansas, ending the tribes’ hunting expeditions into Missouri. As far as the battle went, the tribe was eventually disarmed and left peacefully.

Native American history is full of hardship and sorrow, but also, determination and resilience. Over 2,000 Osage individuals made it to the Osage Nation Reservation in North-Central Oklahoma. After their arrival in their new home on the reservation, they struck oil and became the richest Indian tribe in the nation during that time. Today, their population is over 25,000 strong, with about 4,500 individuals living in Osage County, Oklahoma on the Osage Nation Reservation.

Bob also noted some of his pioneer family history in Missouri and Tennessee and their migration to Missouri in the 1800’s.

Chris and Virginia Barber reported that author Larry E. Woods’ program will be on Thursday, August 22 at the Boathouse Restaurant at Stockton. An exact time will be announced.

Santa Paula Awning is still planning to install the new doors for the museum, but no date has been set yet. The doors and glass have been ordered.

Update on the Caplinger bridge ownership: Records from the Mo. State Archives were received by the society, but there was no mention of the bridge being vacated or sold by the county. More records have been ordered. A lot of documentation is being studied, so the issue is ongoing. Claud Hoffman, a former Cedar County surveyor, wrote several letters to the society to offer his opinion as what should be done about the issue. Luckily, all of those recommendations had already been completed, so his opinion was correct and was noted.

Sheila Griggs gave members an update on the Stockton School Alumnus’ – 100 Year Anniversary Reunion, to be held on the weekend of June 7, 8 and 9th. at the 100 year-old brick school in Stockton and at the Zumwalt Expo Center. Activities will include: alumni baseball games, breakfast buffets and dinners, speeches, tours of the old school and a church service on Sunday. Stockton school teacher, Christa Price, is also organizing a segment of the event that will include the history of the school, stories from former students, a historical display and self-guided tours. A schedule will be coming-out soon and will appear in the local news and on Facebook at “Stockton Alumni Group.”

Anna Hopkins wrote and sent-out the society newsletter to members.

The east wall in the parking lot and steps to the square are crumbling, due to water seeping through cracks in the sidewalk on the square. The original construction, sand back-fill has washed-out and the area is now cracked and hollow. Birds and snakes often take-up residence in the hollow wall. The area belongs to the landowners. Until it is repaired, the society will continue to clean-up buckets of sand and trash that runs into the parking lot next to the museum when it rains. The wall and steps were built in about 2004, after the 2003 tornado destroyed the square.

The Museum spring opening was on Saturday, April 20th. and there were several visitors.

The society is still collecting Best Choice, B.C Selections and B.C. Clearly food labels and used computer printer cartridges made by HP (Hewlett-Packard).

The little Niche Store in the museum is still open, thanks to those who have generously donated items.

Current museum hours are: Noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 18th and 1 to 4 p.m. on Monday, May 20th. The next meeting will be held at the museum on Monday, May 20th at 1 p.m. due to Memorial Day falling on the last Monday in May.

Donations: Bob Phillips donated some old documents and two ledger books that his dad, Burl Phillips, kept personal notes in when he was an assessor for Cedar County.

The museum is located at 106 West Davis Street in Stockton. For information, appointments or to purchase publications, call: 417-276-1142, by email at cedarcomohistsoc@gmail.com, on Facebook at “Cedar County Mo Historical Society” or by mail at P.O. Box 111, Stockton, MO 65785.

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