$100 – Shirley Lynn, Lorene Kennon, Tim and Peggy Carter, Forrest and Sally Troyer, Glen H Jones, Delbert Bausch family and Timothy Carter.

$75 – Jerry and Carleen Brackenridge

$50 – Leona Bland, Pauline Hlavacek, Ettamae and Rowland Mays, James and Judy Brackenridge, George and Vera Hunt, Vera Whitesell, John and Edith Koger, Winnie Burrow, Brent Bland, Larry Stockstill and Earlene May and Everette Woody.

$40 – Ruby Fields, Bill and Pat Rabe, Jerry K Keeny, Jay Schwalm and Geraldine Larson.

$35 – Virginia Prescott.

$30 – Mildred Hines and family and William D and Clint and Debbie Miller.

$25 – Jim and Dorothy Woody, Candice Bland, Stan Vilhauer, Greg Beydler, C. Shellhorn, Jan Jackson Foresee, Gene Hoover, Donna Hicks, Jim and Betty Hopkins, Harold and Robin Fugate, Lawrence Hicks, Linda Leedy, Richard and Judy Walker, John and Kristi Reynolds, Kirk and Kerri Bland, Kerri D Bowen, Loel and Lana Wilson, Roland and Rosemary Lusk, Eldon and Carolyn Steward, Jim and Claudine Pope, Jim and Mary Luster, Thelma Smith, Donald and Josephine Hertzberg, Al Stebbins and Karen Wainscott.

$23 – Sheila McCarty.

$20 – Betty Leonard, Barney Helm, Randall L Bland, Jo Ann Redburn, Steve and Sherry Wiseman, Dean and Janice Floyd, Mike Norman, Gary and Mary Ann Speight, Pauline Simone, Wanda Casey, Minnie Amick O’Brien, Kenneth and Betty Morlan, Ken and Loretta Wood, Nora Chaney, Wayne, Wyatt and Laura Hazelwood, Roy and Marvalene Dennis, Carol and Marie Norman, Evelyn Harvey, Ruth Brownand, Erick and Kelly McPeak, Mary Cain, Gary and Cheryl McCollough, Belva Beaty family, Carolyn and Dennis Storbeck, Robert and Glenda Potter (Merchants), Bob Hotsell, Paula Newman, Ben Darnell, Leon Steward, Ed Alexander, Denny Baker and Sandra Brunton, Given Heidbrier, Carol Ayers, Sharron Poe, Dorothy Moore, Tom and Lana Sue Jones, Smith family, Neva Green, Betty Hill, Billie Basinger, Opal and Bill Saunder, Mildred Moore, Randall Andrews, David Taylor, Vergie Francis, Paul and Sally Darnell, John and Sharon Young, JR Deckard, Rick and Tina Jones, Betty Stutesman, Jackie and Kathy Jones, Lane Chandler, Don Fugate, Floyd Fugate, Bob and Melissa Mowrey, Ed and Sherry Morlan, Gary and Shirley Vickers, Judd and Susan Abbott, Kent and Doris and Jan Fortney, Debra Boswell, Sue Rice and Brenda Crisco

$15 – Minnie Lee Swopes.

$10 – Wilma L McKinley., Edna Jo Green, Caldwell family, Frank Fox, Bill and Judy  Fenzl, Carolyn Whitesell, Rosalyn Chambers, Louise Lasley, Carol Hoerning, Ruth E Woody, Gary Hutsell, Berta Anderson, Peggy and Tim Carter, Karla Wheeler, James Helms, Vicky Spencer, Rusty and Marge Hacker, Allen Hoover, Vinnie Stebbins, Angi Cluck, Marcella Smith, Dave Norman, Bob Eaves, Jeanie Hertzberg, Sue Smith, Sheila Ponder, Janice Manning, Covington and Herbst, Derek Taylor, Connie Alexander, Lovell Cossins, Greg Knight, Nick and Robin Woody, Richard and Jo Campbell, Larry Johnson, Gerald Shumaker, Dennis and Darlene Hallford, Dean and Lee Stroer, Brad Scott and Jennifer Shaw

$6 – Joe Varggs and Dick Horn.

$5 – Tom Jennings family, Ray Bozarth, Jim and Sue Hobson and Ruby “Maslen” Williams, Rick Keele, Travis and Patricia Mann, Terri Sibley, Sam Kellogg, Gary Collins, Terry Mooney, Jake Norman, Trey Barger, Bigler, Margerie Smith, James Perice, Jim Carter, Tony and Rita Bettis, Linda McCormick, Ann Quinto, Michael and Lorena Graves, Earl and Kathryn Baugher, Tom and Opal Mooney and Velma Wilson.

$4 – Orville Taylor, Johnna Potter and John W Janes.

Hilda Dahlstein

$3 – Terry and Beth Hutchison, Frances Loncarich and Juanita Douty.

$2 – Marilyn Gannaway, Tania Molz, David and Tracy Barger, Janice Seaton, Leslie Woods Hernandez, Bailey family, Deanna Johnston, Charles Sharp and Lynda Bishop

$1.63 – Glen Knapp.

$1 – Megan Melech, K Lee Whitesell, Brandy Brown, Luke Mitchell and Amy Powrie.

$20 – Cemetery Donation Box.

$71 – Anonymous.

The City of El Dorado Springs would like to thank everyone for their contributions and apologizes to anyone who was not mentioned or for any misspelled names. Thank you to the Cemetery Board members and their family and friends for giving their time over Memorial Weekend to be at the cemetery and collect donations.

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