Since 2012, the number of fatal motorcycle crashes has resulted in 475 deaths – 122 of those deaths occurred last year alone. Motorcyclists have already begun hitting the road this spring, and more will be out soon with beautiful May weather just around the corner.  The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety wants to remind all motorists to “Watch for Motorcycles” in hopes of preventing motorcycle crashes, injuries and deaths on Missouri roadways.

“A single motorist fatality is one too many, let alone the 122 motorcyclist deaths that we saw in Missouri last year,” said Mike Right of AAA – Auto Club of Missouri. “All drivers can help bring those numbers down by making sure all basic safety rules are followed on our roads, like using turn signals, not driving impaired or distracted and using the safety tools available to you such as safety belts and helmets.”

Other safety tips for drivers include:

· Allowing a safe following distance of three or four seconds when following a motorcycle so the motorcyclist has enough space to maneuver or stop in an emergency,

· Always checking your blind spots before changing lanes and moving through intersections and Safety tips for motorcyclists include:

· Making sure you have completed training at one of the 29 available training locations in Missouri that can be found at,

· Positioning yourself in the lane to be most visible to other drivers,

· Making sure your passenger is wearing the proper protective riding gear and

· Wearing brightly colored protective gear or having reflective tape or stickers on your motorcycle for additional visibility.

For more information, visit or on social media at Save MO Lives.

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