El Dorado Christian grade school hosted their 2nd Annual Living Wax Museum, on Wednesday, April 12, from 3 to 5 p.m.  Students in Mrs. Caldwell’s 3rd through 6th grade history classes, were given the opportunity to research, and write/create a biography of a historical figure.  Respectively, every student worked almost 8 weeks preparing, memorizing facts/speeches, and locating and/or making costumes. They then set up their Wax Museum in the ECS gym and invited parents and people in the community.

Thirty-four students portrayed famous people in history; everyone from President Abraham Lincoln, and Queen Elizabeth, to Chris Kyle.  Visitors walked through the Museum enjoying each of the exhibits. The students stood completely “still” until a “talk” button located on each table was activated. Students would then give a 30-45 second speech about that person’s life. Over 150 people attended the Museum Project; what a fun and ingenious History idea.


MARY LOU RETTON – 1984 gold Olympic winner in the Women’s All-Around, was the first American women to accomplish such a feat. Sophia Bryson, a 4th grader at ECS, seems to be following in her footsteps as Sophia portrays Mary Lou at the 2nd annual ECS Living Wax Museum.

THE KING – Richard Petty, made his entrance among NASCAR fans and slide in for a pit stop at the wax exhibit. Petty, (3rd grader, Koal Caldwell) took photos and signed autographs. Petty won the NASCAR Championship title seven times.

2nd Annual ECS Living Wax Museum

Abraham Lincoln – Alan Carlin

Amelia Earhart – Olivia Bryson

Amy Carmichael – Breann Reasoner

Annie Oakley – Ada Beth Tompkins

Archimedes – Camren Reasoner

Betsy Ross – Colbie Wood

Chris Kyle – Ben Schmidt

Daniel Boone – Hunter Malensek

Davy Crockett – Aiden Walker

Donald Trump – Nathan Saderstrom

Emily Sunshine – Allie Wood

Florence Nightingale – Leah Biron

Francis Marion – Jason Conduff

Ida Scudder – Ryan Eiskina

Jacques Cousteau – Cannon Ash

Jane Goodall – Emily Redburn

Katherine Johnson – Paris Gallette

Lauren Daigle – Meadow Ash

Mary Lou Retton – Sophia Bryson

Mary Segal – Milana Gallette

Mary Slessor – Christian Steuck

Mother Teresa – Piper Spencer

Napoleon Bonaparte – Lance Jennings

Pete Maravich – Noah Bland

Pocahontas – Ashlyn Eiskina

Queen Elizabeth I – Nellie Dresch

Richard Nixon – Rylee Bowman

Richard Petty – Koal Caldwell

Sacajawea – Krystal Rodriguez

Sally Ride – Morgan Nikodim

Simone Biles – India Gallette

Sonja Henie – Charity Middleton

Steve Jobs – Aidan Reeves

Sydney Friar – Lily George