On Tuesday, Jan. 4, at 1:49 p.m. the Fire Department was dispatched to the airport to set up and protect a landing zone for a medical aircraft. Two trucks and seven firefighters responded.

On Wednesday, Jan. 5, at 11:10 a.m. a firefighter was dispatched to a carbon monoxide alarm call on E Patricia. No hazard was found.

On Thursday, Jan. 6, at 7:41 a.. the fire chief was dispatched to the Cedar County Medical Mall for a some alarm going off. Nothing found.

That evening at 5:35, the department was sent to an apartment on N. Main St. to assist the ambulance crew with a lift assist. Five firefighters helped.

Later that evening at 10:59, the department returned to the earlier residence to assist the patient back into the apartment. Three firefighters helped.

On Saturday, Jan. 8, at 4 p.m. the Fire Department was dispatched to large brush fire south of Cedar Springs on Hwy. 39. Turned out to be a controlled burn. Three trucks and eight firefighters responded.