TOPS Chapter 9319 El Dorado Springs met in The Preferred Family Healthcare building, 700 E. Hospital Rd., El Dorado Springs on Thursday, Feb. 29, for their regular weigh-in and meeting.

Warren, our leader, called the meeting to order.

Carol led us in singing “To TOPS Club We Will GO”

We said our TOPS & KOPS Pledges.

Warren led us in roll call; 21 members weighed in. The chapter had a gain of 8.2 lbs. and a loss of 18 pounds which gave us a net loss of 9.8 pounds.

The week’s best loser was Kaelin with a loss of 6.4 (2 weeks)/ 3.2 per week) Congratulations Kaelin. Other good losses were: LJ 1.2 lbs., Margie 1.8, Juanita 1.2, Jan 1.2 Laura 2.6 Samantha 1.2 and Connie L. 1.2. Let us keep up the good work.

Steve and Juanita had the program today. They did a cute skit together showing us some of TOPS “first aid kits.” Thank you, Steve and Juanita, you guys always do such a fun program.

Contest: Laura reported three people did all the 10 activities during the month. Linda Hall was the winner of the drawing, she won $12.

Marble game: There is $45 in the pot. Margie won the right to draw but did not get the winning one.

Warren reminded us of some of the emails we received from TOPS. The “Seeds of Hope” information is online. If any member is interested in attending this, they will find all the information for reservations, costs and so on. This is also on the last page of the current TOPS NEWS.

Warren commented on the current March Wellness and Health challenge for March. We are to focus on tracking nutrition. He reminded us he has food charts for our use. Some tips are: Start the day with some fruit for breakfast, use whole grain bread, pack or prepare nutritious snacks and switch out soda for water.

Suggestion from Steve: If you do not like plain water try the packets of flavoring to put in your water. This has been a help for him to cut back on the soft drinks. He finds these packets at the Dollar Store and prefers the cherry flavor. Pat said she uses the flavored sugar free syrups for her coffee and teas.

Old business: SRD: Linda Hall said if you have not paid for your TOPS items, you have ordered please see Sue to pay this as she must send it in by Wednesday.

Potato Luncheon: Linda is sending around two clipboards. One is to sign up to bring needed items which she has listed and to sign up for bringing pies, cobblers or brownies. Please list your name and what you plan to bring along with the size of cobbler or brownie pan you will be making. The other clipboard is to sign up for what you prefer to help with. There are many jobs to do to get this done so we need all the help we can get.

We will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 20, to set up. The Potato Luncheon is Thursday, March 21.

We sang Happy Birthday to Marie and to Juanita.

Margie submitted a poem to the TOPS Contest. She read the poem to us today. It was very good.

Warren left us with the thought of the day. “Birds no matter the weather, always sing a joyful song.”

With no other business meeting was adjourned with our motto, IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME.

For more information call Linda Hall at 417 876 7404, TOPS toll-free number 1 800-932-8677 or you can find us on the web at

Come and join us.

TOPS #MO 9319 meets each Thursday Morning in the “Preferred Family Healthcare building at 700 E. Hospital Rd., El Dorado Springs. Weigh-in starts at 7:45 a.m. the meeting begins at 8:45 a.m. and is over by 10 a.m..