On Feb. 13, 2022, our brother, Stanley was taken from us. He died of Covid 19 related pneumonia. He had a very tough time even with the best of help and he fought back hard several times and Bradley, Shirley and I and his fiancé, Diane, thought he would pull through. In one of his better times he told me, “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.” I told him big brothers are supposed to fix things but he and I both knew I couldn’t’ this time.
Stanley was a devout Christian and he was ready to go and when the doctors gave him that chance to go, he did. We were holding him back. It’s not easy losing a loved one but it’s a comfort to know they are in a better place.
My son, Jason wanted to build a sculpture in honor of Stanley and put together a beautiful steel sculpture of Stanley sitting on the Super H Farmall we boys grew up on back in the late 50s and 60s. Jason put his heart and soul in this project and it shows. It’s life-like and will be with us every year at Apple Butter.
Doesn’t seem possible that a year has gone by. We all miss Stanley’s sense of humor and his out look on life. He was a good brother.
Love and miss you Stanley
Gary and Shirley, Bradley, Nancy, June, Netta, Connie Gae Dene
Diane, Stanley’s fiancé, couldn’t have been more of a wife to Stanley. They had plans to get married that fall. She will always be part of our family.