Cedar Series

Bulldoge vs Tigers

Uniting rival schools in the ultimate competition!

Prepare to witness an unprecedented clash of skill, teamwork, rivalry and community pride as we proudly present the “Cedar Series,” a new competition like no other! In this thrilling showdown, two rival schools from the same county will go head-to-head in a battle for supremacy across a range of competitive activities…

Fall activities:

  1. Football
  2. Volleyball
  3. Cross Country
  4. Girls Golf
  5. Marching Band
  6. Cheerleading
  7. Color Guard

Scoring system tiers will be available next week

… As the rivalry unfolds, each school will earn valuable points for every competitive activity they excel in. From academic challenges to athletic feats, every victory will contribute to their quest for glory! But that’s not all – every activity will be assigned a specific Tier scoring system, adding strategic depth to the competition.
While the year-long battles will cover a variety of disciplines, it’s important to note that for sports only regular-season performances will be eligible to be scored with football being the only exception. 9 regular season games plus 1 district game, a total of 10 evenly-matched contests will contribute to the schools’ journey to victory. (Only activities that both schools share and compete in will count; ex. ElDo has wrestling and DECA, Stockton does not. Those activities will not count toward the Cedar Series.)
The pinnacle of this intense competition awaits at the end of the year The school with the highest cumulative points will claim the coveted “Cedar Series” championship and earn the right to hoist the prestigious “Mascot Melee” Trophy! This special trophy will feature swapable top pieces, so the winning schools mascot can reign supreme while the other mascot dwells at the bottom. The “Cedar Series” isn’t just about competition; it’s about fostering sportsmanship, camaraderie, and community pride.
As the schools face off in a head-to-head showdown, the entire county will rally behind their teams, making this series a true celebration of unity and spirited rivalry. Stay tuned as we reveal more details about the “Cedar Series,” including the list of competitive activities for fall, and the Tier scoring system.
Get ready to witness the birth of a new competition and be part of the excitement as we bring the county together like never before.

The stage is set, the rivals are ready – let the Cedar Series begin!

Check Back Next week for results & current standings!

* Only in season High School Activities are counted.
* Students that coaches/sponsors feel deserve special recognition are reserved a place and honored as “Cornerstone Champs.”
* Scoring system tiers will be featured every week.
* Ad space will be available for anyone wishing to sponsor their team throughout the season.

– This is the first year for this competition and there are some ‘kinks’ to be expected. Some rules may need to be modified and some aspects may need to be changed. By the end of the school year in spring 2024 everything should be refined and smoothed! Everything will be kept as fair and transparent as possible in this competition series. In addition to a trophy, we are looking into more/individual rewards for the students that participate in these activities, as well as the possibility of being able to offer some sort of *Grand Prize* if either school can win the series 4 years in a row.