Taberville Report
by Bobby Dains
Dains Fish Farm
A lot of people are buying bait to use this weekend. They haven’t reported back in yet so I don’t have any reports yet.
(Saturday noon) They came back with a lot of fish. These are the two biggest. Bobbie Dains sent a photo- a 37 lb. blue cat and a 31 lb. flathead. Photo next week.

Caplinger Report
by Danny Finch
Caplinger Woods
They are catching walleye, stripers and catfish on minnows off the bridge.

Lake Stockton Report
Stockton State Park Marina
Joey Fidler
It’s been tough for a couple of weeks. My wife took our son Wednesday evening. They caught nine black bass. Our son caught five. My wife caught four.
Our son was so proud he beat his mother.
I’d say early and late is better.

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