LONESOME LOSER NO MORE – I’m the guy who was in Friday morning about the pulling tractor picture in the most recent Sun. I just thought I’d send you a picture of the “Lonesome Loser” 1466 IH’s 1st place run at El Dorado Springs. I was the #6 puller in the class of 6 and only made one run. As we discussed the picture in the paper is actually Mike Lefevre from Bronaugh making the 4th place run on the “Budget Binder” 1066 IH puller. The tractor is owned by Kyle Cushard from Nevada,MO. I had the pleasure of driving this tractor in July at Garnett, KS. Anyways, thanks for the story about the El Dorado Springs tractor pull. Its appreciated.  Blaine Griggs, Nevada. Editor’s note: Thanks to Mr. Griggs for the correction. Without a printed program, it was obviously overwhelming for me to try to get all the thousands of rumbling horsepower straight. We appreciate the photo and the update.

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