I spent a couple of days by myself and didn’t get in much trouble. Davis accompanied Kimball to Shreveport to attend her brother’s funeral.

Davis got a hero’s welcome home Saturday evening from his daughter, Reese, who adores her daddy. OK, he got a big welcome home, too, from Erica, but she can put it into words. Reese can’t yet. All she can do is smile really big.

Technology played a part in the ceremony. Ross’ good friend, Frosty Mariott, was supposed to give the eulogy but his flight couldn’t get out of Denver. So they live streamed Frosty. Some of you know exactly what that is and how to do it, I suppose. There is supposed to be a hard copy available that was the back up. Kimball’s going to ask for that and let me read it.

– I transcribed my interview with Marlin Collins and sent it to him for his “fixes.”  He added a letter to the editor which really explains well why Cedar County joined the suit against Senate Bill 391.

-Just took a glance over the Cedar County Sheriff’s report. You might want to think twice before you get a medical marijuana card. If you do, the sheriff can revoke your concealed carry permit. I guess wobble weed might impair your judgment on when to use your firearm.

– The trouble I got myself into – Sunday evening Kimball asked me if I parked in the carport while she was away. I told her I did once. That’s her luxury parking spot close to the front door and protected from the rain.

I asked if there was a problem.

Well she had filled in a place where the dog tried to dig under the patio and had put in a half dozen of those little lights that come on at dark.

Seems I ran the right side of my pickup right along the edge of the patio and crushed all but one of the lights. But I let the dog in and out every time she asked and I kept water and food before the cat and the dog, I told her. That didn’t buy me any credit.

I was watching some TV program when Kimball drove into the carport Saturday night. I immediately killed the TV and went to the door. I held the door open for her and welcomed her home – not as enthusiastically as Reese welcomed Davis but pretty good for me. I had already eaten so she didn’t have to fix me anything. Then she told me about their trip and the funeral before we watched her favorite show, “Gutfeld.” I have to admit that at 6’7” and 350 lbs. former pro wrestler Tyrus is a hoot. Kat, who would have to walk twice to make a shadow, comes up with some pretty good ones.

I’ve got one to recommend, “Songland.” Four or more amateur songwriters appear one at a time before three record producers and some artist or group who is looking for a new song. It is absolutely amazing what these professionals can do to a song. As we watch the show, Kimball and I constantly look at each other and say, “Wow.” After every episode we are “blown away” by the creativity and musical genius of the three professionals.

– We had a heck of a visit from Gary Brackenridge and his four kids. We did laps down memory lane.

– We got an email from a woman I worked with 40 years ago whose brother was a pal of Ross. I look forward to hearing more from her. I called her “a girl I worked with” but sometime during the past 40 years she probably aged a little. Kimball told me to change it to “woman.” KL