HOME AT LAST – Former Bulldog cheerleader Michelle Houk Hunt, ’75, made a special trip to El Dorado Springs from Columbia to retrieve her megaphone that she hadn’t seen in about 20 years.

The souvenir of Michelle’s High School years was found in a Lamar antique store by Jill Atchison Uptegrove, who recognized and bought it and them set about to find its owner.

Jill contacted Dana Sibley Whitesell and Lorri Atchison Terry who thought it might belong to Michelle.

Dana contacted Michelle on Facebook and she made arrangements to meet Jill over lunch at the Mexican Restaurant on Friday, Nov. 13.

Yes. It was hers. She said it disappeared about 20 years ago and that it was always kept in the corner in her and her sister’s bedroom. The megaphone was painted by Michelle’s sister Marcia whose name is also on the megaphone. According to Michelle, each cheerleader had a megaphone with their name and also the year of their graduation on it.

When we, Kenny and Kimball Long, bought the Sun paper in the summer of 1979, the cheerleaders at the football games that fall weren’t using megaphones.

We contacted Glenda Friar Baker, cheerleader in ‘63 – ’65 who said they used megaphones. Her daughter, Glynis, who was cheerleader the late 70’s and early 80’s, said she didn’t use one.