Golf cart race 3 cc

GOLF CART RACE – first place – Julie and Jeff Mingus; second place – Kaleb and Jason Weaver; third place – Haley Wise and Matthew Thurman

Street Dance Winners 4cc

STREET DANCE – first place  – Candice Berning and Josey Smotherman; second place – Kayla Hooten and Karen Brower; third place tie Linda Wright and Jamie Norcross and Steve Taylor and Anyssa Salazar

scavenger hunt 1st 3 cc

SCAVENGER HUNT – First Place: Gooden and Co: Brittany Convery, Melissa Gooden, Austin Goodin, Heather Gooden and Eileen Gooden

scavenger hunt 2nd 3 cc

SCAVENGER HUNT – Second Place – Fun Club: Lakyn Coleman, Tonia Molz, Stacu Fast and Trach Barger

scavnger hunt - 3rd 3 cc

SCAVENGER HUNT – Third Place – Hunter Games: Jeremy Barger, Joe Barger, Ryan Cloyd and Larry Bryant


Talent winners

0-14 2cc

0-14 YEARS – 3rd place Anna Huber $25; 2nd place Sara King $50; 1st place Charity Clayton $75.

15-19 2cc

15-17 YEARS – 3rd place Josh Collins $25; 2nd place Alandah Wynes $50; 1st place Anna Spencer $75.

older 2cc

19 AND OVER – 3rd place Aaron Lemon $25; 2nd place Andrea Boswell $50; 1st place Jolene Hackney $75.