Malensek qualifies for Spain 2 cc

On Friday, July 15, Van Dyk’s Karate student and Team SWAT Member Hunter Malensek and his father, Robert, traveled to Austin, TX, so Hunter could compete in the WMO USA National Championships. Pictured are Hunter Malensek and Instructor Riaan Van Dyk

Saturday’s Tournament was a great one for Hunter. He put forth a valiant effort and the reward was great. Hunter won one Silver and two Gold medals at the National Championships.

Hunter won a Gold in Youth Traditional Weapons, Gold in Youth Traditional Open Hand Forms and Silver in Youth Point Sparring.

By placing in the top two spots of every division Hunter competed in, he earned himself a spot on the WMO USA National Karate Team whick will compete at the World Martial Arts Organization Karate World Championships in Casa del Sol, Spain, later this year. By Kassy Wynes-Van Dyk.

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