The University of Missouri Press has produced the printed version of the 2015–2016 edition of the Official Manual of the State of Missouri, commonly known as the “Blue Book” for its typically blue color.

Now available, the Official Manual is the most comprehensive source of information about state employees, as well as the organizations, committees, boards and government branches that provide services to the state of Missouri and its residents. This 2015-2016 edition is the first printed by the University of Missouri Press.

In addition to detailed information on local, state and federal governments, and historical and statistical information about the state, the Official Manual includes stories, essays and pictures that help preserve the state’s heritage, making the manual a key resource for exploring Missou­ri’s past, present and future.

Interested readers may purchase copies of the Official Manual by calling 800-621-2736 or on­line at The book is $15 plus $6 shipping and an additional $1.25 shipping for each copy purchased after the first. The book is also available through online re­tailers where books are sold.

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