Q:  Why are my allergies always worse in the early fall?

A:  In this area, ragweed allergies are worse this time of year. If you go out in the fields, you can see a yellow haze on your four-wheeler. If you are allergic, you know you are in trouble- wheezing, eyes swelling and sometimes, asthma. The body’s immune system recognizes the pollen as a potential germ, and reacts. It can be mild or severe. Over-the-counter antihistamines usually help, some. Staying out of the pollen or indoors is probably the best treatment. Change clothes when you come inside, vacuum frequently with a double-thickness (HEPA) filter and use the air-conditioner. We can do allergy testing to identify the problem, for sure, and you can get immunotherapy (allergy shots) ahead of time to make you less allergic.  Severe reactions can be treated with steroids, in one form or another.

Rick Casey, DO

Rick Casey, DO

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