Thank you to all who came to donate blood at the El Dorado Springs Church of Christ on Thursday, May 21st. The folks at the Blood Drive had extended hours due to the blood shortage and our goal was to collect 45 units. Our community really turned out to support the blood shortage due to COVID-19! We had 62 people register, in order to try to make a donation. We were able to exceed our goal and collect 51 units, thanks to our wonderful friends and neighbors! Thank you so much! Blood from your donations go to many Hospitals, including El Dorado Springs, Nevada, Bolivar, Joplin and Springfield.

Thank you to the following:

Vickie Ayers, Patsy Baker, Alexis Barnett, Shirley Beckman, Jeffrey Behl, Jeanette Branham, Jamie Brown, Bobby Budd, Lisa Burkdoll, Lila Carriker, Carlos Cary, Amy Castor, Theresa Christian, Virginia Davis, Shane Davis, Jacey Frakes, Autumn Gerster, Suzann Gladden, Darrin Griffin, Terri Heitz, Robert Hite, Jeanne Hoagland, Denise Johnson, Sarah King, James King, Brian Koger, Kristin Langsten, Randy Langsten, Courtney Lasley, Mendy Ledbetter, Randy Leedy, Larry Lewellin, Brenda Mart, Lauren Mays, Jeana Ochsner, Nadine Perkins, Nancy Pitts, Lilly Plain, Chelsey Rice, Catherine Rivers, Marvin Roberts, Michaela Robertson, Karsten Runkle, Melynda Runkle, Peyton Self, Kay Sewell, Kathy Sibley, Randy Smith, Charlotte Smithson, Gary Speight, Courtney Spencer, Janet Swank, Greg Tabor, Donna Tabor, Jean Throckmorton, Faith Trussell, Teri Biddlecome, Bethany Walker, Gayla West, Don Williams, Steve Wiseman, and Leroy Yoder.

The following are volunteers who serve visibly or behind the scenes for the blood mobile:  Christena Green, Kay Sewell, Kay Erickson, Jeannie Hertzberg, Angel Merz, Lois Herbst, Doris Fortney, Jan Richardson, Sheryl Walker, Kim Sewell, Pat Moore and Teri Biddlecome.  Also, a big THANK YOU! to the Church of Christ for letting us use their building for this important event.

Teri Biddlecome

CCMH Hospital Volunteer