by: Linda Hall, Co-Leader

TOPS 9319 Minutes November 22, 2016, meeting in the Church of Christ meeting room. Robbie opened our meeting and turned the floor over to Judy and Marie. We enjoyed their reading of, “Twas the Night of Thanksgiving.” Thanks ladies!

Roll was taken and we had 21 weigh in. Angie was recognized as our best loser with a 7.6 lb. loss. Unfortunately we had a net gain of 6 lbs. for our chapter.

Robbie reminded us of the 2 Pound Challenge. TOPS who lose 2 lbs. from today’s date will receive free dues for a month. KOPS who lose 2 lbs. or lose 2 lbs. from their goal weight will also receive a portion of a pumpkin roll. A no-gain week would be fantastic!

Our Christmas Party is set for Dec. 15. We’ll have a gift exchange with a $10 limit for the gift or a white elephant gift equivalent of that amount. If you would like to participate, men bring a man gift and women bring a woman gift labeled as such.

Immediately follow our meeting we’ll serve snacks. Bring a something for that part as well.

Susan gave our program. She reminded us that the disasters we’ve had in our Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday are the most memorable not the perfect ones. We look back and laugh about those now. So try to remember to take some deep breaths and enjoy them without so much stress. She then read the poem that was written by her brother, Dennis Frances. Thanks, Susan, for such a great reminder to enjoy our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Robbie had us share one thing we were thankful for. Most of us had a hard time sticking to just one… shows how thankful we are.

Marguerite won the draw for the marble game but didn’t get the white one. Our pot is up to $55.50!

Warren reported bad news – no one earned the bonus points this month; or was that good news.

There is a four-way tie for our TOPS: Chris Carolyn, Susan and Kay all have 8 pts. Our KOPS are close too. Marilyn is ahead with 12 pts. and Carol is close behind with 11 pts.

Robbie shared this thought: The three C’s of life: Choice, Chance, Change – You must make the choice to take a chance if you want anything to change. Yes, my friends, it’s up to us!

Prayer Requests: Sue’s mother is in the hospital. Remember her and Sue as well. Jon. Families and friends that are traveling.

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