You’ve heard no doubt or maybe have seen and even been the proverbial hog so busy rooting for acorns that he or she never took time to look up “to whence my help cometh” or forbid the thought, give a moment of thankful contemplation for all the many blessings that have fallen your way.

Well, it’s that time of year when everyone traditionally tries to thank the Keeper of the Stars for what we should have been thanking Him for each and every day.

Talk about patience, He puts up with our ingratitude every day.

Well, thank you, Lord for saving my soul. Thank you for saving members of my family and I pray you will save others of them. Meanwhile, I pray that you will keep them safe. Thank you for the church you left here for us. I pray for the leaders who have given us and for their safety. I pray you will give them the wisdom the need to take care of this beautiful world you put in our care.

Help me realize just how little I know and how much I need your help daily.

And to all of our friends and acquaintances, we wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings.  KL

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