by Marge Zink
Tri-County Quilt Club met Aug. 8, for regular meeting at Rockville United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, at 12:30 a delicious lunch was served by birthday lady Bobbie Hardgrater and helper Phyllis Stewart At 1:30 Evonne Andersen called the meeting to order with 14 present, secretary and treasurer read and approved.
Archie Pier passed out community block pattern; bring finished block next meeting and get new pattern. Motion was made and passed to donate to Ozark Harvester Food program. Evonne read thank you notes from El Dorado Springs Nursing Home and Birthright in Nevada.
Show and Tell was by Archie Pier, Evonne Andersen, Bobbie Hardgrater.
Program by Phyllis Stewart making necklaces from church bulletin and beads,
Next meeting will be Sept. 12, at 1:30 p.m. at the Rockville United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall.

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