Submitted by Lana Sue Jones
A small group met in the home of our hostess, Jean Wernel, on March 11. Evelyn Boyle, secretary, served as president and called the meeting to order.
The members are starting to think about their program titles for next year. The entertainment committee will get information for the location of our May meeting.
Georgia Detwiler presented Easter facts for our entertainment. Reese’s eggs are the most popular Easter egg sold in the amount of 180 million. More candy is sold at Easter then Halloween. People prefer their chocolate egg filled and the ears are eaten first on the bunnies. Easter falls between March 22 and April 25 based on the Equinox. Sixteen billion jellybeans are sold each year.
Georgia also gave the opinion on weight loss shots, the cost and the long term results. What are the side effects? Will you gain weight back after stopping the shots? Would changing eating and exercise habits be better for weight loss?
Jean Wernel provided the program on the Slinky, the bouncy spring toy. In 1943, during W.W. ll , Richard James, a naval engineer, was trying to find a way to stabilize sensitive instruments at sea. He was looking at springs and when one fell off his desk, walked down a box, and then to the floor the idea for the Slinky was evolved. He spent two years experimenting with different types of steel and the number of coils ending with 80 ft of Swedish steel and 98 coils.
In 1945 he displayed the Slinky at Gimbles, demonstrated how it worked and sold 400. His wife came up with the name Slinky and wrote a catchy jingle that ended with “everyone knows its Slinky”. His wife took over the company in the 50’s and for 40 years produced enough Slinky’s to circle the earth 150 times. Many Slinkys are now made out of plastic bedside steel.