Submitted by Lana Sue Jones

On Oct. 14, the Twentieth Century Club met at the home of Sherry Wiseman who served as hostess and Ruth Woody co-hostess. The meeting was called to order by President Jean Wernel.

In unfinished business, we will make donations to the Museum project, the Diaper Pantry and Christmas Baskets.

New business the opinion was given by Jean Wernel. A Queenstown, New Zealand paper ran the names, ages, and blood alcohol level of all the Drunk Drivers who were charged.

The entertainment was given by Kay Sewell in which she gave the 100 most misspelled words and we had to try to spell some of them.

Evelyn Boyles had the program and she gave a bit of history on the Wok and a demonstration. The wok is thought to be one of the most common cooking utensils in China, East Asia and Southeast Asia. It was great for the Asian nomads because it was portable and needed little fuel and maintenance. It may have developed from these reasons or a combination of them: limited fuel, ease of cooking a meal in one pan, and ability to create a wide variety of meals out of a limited number of ingredients.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned to enjoy a delicious dessert and visiting. Our next meeting will be at Evelyn Boyle’s home with Glenda Baker as co-hostess.