By Marge Zink, Julia Snethen

The morning message at Rockville United Methodist Church by Pastor Lina Wansing was “Hope” from Jeremiah, Psalms and Luke. You are always welcome to join us for Worship Sunday at 9 a.m., Tuesday Bible study at 9 a.m.

Mt. Zion area had no electricity early Thanksgiving morning, was back on by 7:21, also no phone landline service Thanksgiving day as of Sunday still no service. We were all thankful for the electricity to be repaired as quickly as it was. 

Over at the Robin, Siegismund Farm Belle wanted snow for Thanksgiving so she called to make a snow angel be thankful for. Belle got mad when Robin’s nephew in Germany sent her a picture of the six inches of snow they had for Thanksgiving. Belle not too outdone went out found a nice grassy place and made a grassy angel.

Howard Peterson had Thanksgiving dinner with Dixie at Truman Lake Manor. Dixie is feeling better and doing therapy.

Fifteen family and friends enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner in the Stay and Mike Griffith and Marge Zink home.

Stephanie and Van Duby visited her parents and grandmother Marge Zink from Alburn Alabama for the past week.

Greg Pelkey visited Tom and Beverly Pelkey recently. Beverly is feeling better. Tom is preparing for winter, fixed the woodshed door. Enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner in the Zink- Griffith home.

John and Julia Snethen enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner on Friday with David and Chryshella Vanderdiver, Theo is growing up fast.