Sunday morning message Worship Service at the Rockville United Methodist Church was conducted by the Youth “A Vibrant Heart” from John 15:1-8 this was the message and theme for the program.

Mt. Zion area has enjoyed more Spring weather. The corn is up in the farmer’s fields, the grass is growing. The hummingbirds have arrived looking for the Orioles, neighbors had some last year.

Over at the Robin, Siegismund Farm Belle is concerned that Robin doesn’t have the patients she used to have. She expects Belle to mind the first time she is told; Belle is willing to do what she is told; but when she wants to. Doing that she got locked in the barn and didn’t get to go asparagus hunting, a very fun thing to do. No sympathy from Robin, Belle will try to do better.

Marge Zink and Stacy visited Dixie Peterson Saturday afternoon at Truman Lake manor. Dixie presented each with a flower she had planted. She was playing Bingo using three cards winning. Enjoyed being able to visit with her.

The Mt. Zion Club met on April 28, in the Marge Zink home.  The next meeting will be May 26, at 1 p.m. at Marge Zinks home.

Over at the Pelkeys, Tom is mowing grass or cutting wood.Beverly is busy feeding the cats and the Hummingbirds. The Wood Fairy is waiting for the new kittens to play with him. Looking forward to a new Spring hat.

Julia Snethen is feeling better after two trips to the doctor. Was able to keep her appointments at the beauty shop and shopping Friday.

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