Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

News in the middle of this week in the Mt. Zion area is the weather is cooler. That’s how to spell relief, cooler. And summer just had begun last week.

While thinking about the news in Mt. Zion area the wild flowers are beautiful on the right of way especially on B Hwy. to Osceola.

I can tell you why the landfills are full; did you ever think how I got rid of stuff? I’ll have a garage sale; let me tell you, it would be much easier to take it to the dumpster than to get ready for a garage sale; but after putting this much time and energy I will try for a garage sale when it’s cooler.

Marge Zink, Tom and Beverly Pelkey enjoyed dinner at the Landmark Wednesday and enjoyed visiting lots of neighbors.

The “kids” at Robin Siegismund’s home are at mid-term getting cuter each day.

Some of the neighbors are picking wild blackberries and canning green beans.

Did you realize you could vote now at the courthouse in Osceola for the primary election in August if you are registered in St. Clair County?

Mt. Zion Home Bible study met Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. to study the Bible at Tom and Beverly Pelkey’s home with 10 in attendance.

The Tri-County Quilt Club will meet July 11 at 7 p.m. at the Rockville United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall; all quilters are welcome.

John and Julia have had a quite week with John attending his OATS meeting in Sedalia and doing medical runs and Julia staying at home to recover from babysitting dogs.