Wanda Rector is back home resting and planning her next trip.

Judy Pier has recovered from her recent surgery and can now return to exercise class.

Was nice having Paster David Hill visit the Rockville Hand Quilters on Thursday.  Since he had forgotten to bring his thimble, we couldn’t get him to do any quilting. But he did enjoy the coffee and visiting.

Terry Piermeier accompanied Judy to the eye doctor where she got a good report. Judy said with a  smile, even Terry looked better.

Enjoyed talking to Beverly and Tom Pelky by the phone the other day. They are both doing fine.

Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm, Belle is one happy dog for she is taking credit for the rain on Thursday morning.  She says she organized all the dogs in the area to to the “dog rain dance,” and we got a nice rain. Robin is glad the guineas are growing.  Mabel is glad her garden is looking better. The little people have been to visit.

Julia Snethen is spending a few days in Knob Noster helping care for Theo while Shella is recovering from surgery. All are doing well.

The morning message at the Rockville United Methodist Church by Pastor David Hill was titled “Growing Together” from Matthew 13:24-30; 36-43. Old Testament reading from Isaiah.  You are welcome to join use for worship, Sunday 9 am; Tuesday Bible Study at 9 am.

Mt. Zion area was grateful for the rain early Thursday morning we had 4” in the rain gauge. The plants sure look a lot better.

Donnie and Florance Synder enjoyed their 70th wedding celebration on Sunday afternoon. They would like to thank everyone for coming from far and near.