by Marge Zink, Julia Snethen, submitted by Beverly Pelkey

Morning message at the Rockville United Methodist Church by Pastor Linda Wangsing was titled “Wonderfully Made; Believe it”  from Romans 12:1-2. You are always welcome to join us for worship 9 a.m. Sunday, 9 a.m. Tuesday for Bible Study.

Happy 90th Birthday Mary Louise Johannigmeier.

Mt. Zion area has enjoyed nice weather this week. Corn is being harvested, pastures being mowed, soy beans are green and growing. Hummingbirds are beginning to leave with fewer each day at the feeders.

Sympathy to the family of Joyce Garber. Funeral services were this past week. Interment was at Taberville Cemetery.

Mt. Zion Club will meet Sept. 22, at the home of Doris Murphy for an all day meeting. Call Marge for information 660- 598- 4240.

John and Julia Snethen have a new rescue dog, Brandey. They are all doing well. Julia finally got her eye appointment and enjoyed a phone call from Dixie Peterson, who is still doing therapy at Truman Lake Manor; Brenda and Howard Peterson were visitors. Brenda fixed Dixie’s hair. Dixie was looking forward to Ohio Christian Church service.

Tom and Beverly Pelkey and Rodney enjoyed a shopping trip to El Dorado Springs. Tom harvested the potatoes from the tub and had a good yield. Tom said, “A lot better harvesting potatoes from the tub than digging them out of the ground.”  Greg Pelkey was a recent visitor.

Over at the Robin Fiegifmund Farm, Belle and Robin are very tired of Patsy the cow wailing for her calf who is big enough to be weaned. Most cows bawl for two to three days, but not Patsy, five days and still wailing. Belle is spending the night with Speck further from the pasture. Robin is knitting little people blankets.

Sherry Peterson, from Garden City, visited Stacey and Mike Griffith and Marge Zinc Sunday.

Rockville Hand Quilters enjoyed visitors Thursday at quilting; Pat and Ruth from Clinton, and Bobbie from Butler.