by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen summited by Beverly Pelkey

Morning message at Rockville United Methodist Church by Pastor Larry Sorrells, titled “Are You Stagnant?” from Peter 1:3-11. You are always welcome to join us for Worship Sunday at 9 a.m. and Tuesday Bible Study at 9 a.m. and Women’s Bible Study at 6 p.m. Thursday.

In the Mt Zion Area so far winter hasn’t been too bad; nothing like the old days I remember, but then everything changes. Farmers are feeding hay, planning crops and gardens while waiting for spring.

Happy Birthday to Carolyn Kenney.  Gary took her out for Birthday dinner.

Dixie Peterson is doing well at Truman Lake Manor in Lowry City. busy doing therapy.

Wanda Rector has been staying home more.  She did visit her daughter and they went to the doctor, Wanda got a good report on her hand surgery.

Tom and Beverly Pelkey are doing well, Tom is keeping warm cutting wood and filling the wood box, keeping warm both times.  The Wood Fairies have made two visits with lots of nice wood. A big thank you to the Wood Fairies.

Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm not much going on, belle is staying home and minding her manners waiting for the cows to calf.  Robin is busy crocheting “little quilts.”  Speck is smelling nice most of the time now.

Visitors in the Marge Zink home have been Julia Snethen, Wilma Williams and Howard Peterson.

John and Julia Snethen were busy this week running errands and to the doctor in El Dorado Springs. Visited David and Chryshella Vandivier in Knob Noster.  Julia made it to the Beauty Shop and grocery store this week.