by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

Sunday Rockville United Methodist Church enjoyed hearing from Rosen Klepel about his ministry in the Ukraine that he and his wife do. Fellowship breakfast was enjoyed before church. You are always welcome to join us at 9 a.m. for worship, 10 a.m. for Sunday School, 9 a.m. Tuesdays for Bible study and 5:45 Friday for Women’s Bible Study.

Some spots in the Mt. Zion area got rain Saturday afternoon, others had none. The corn and soybeans are looking good, hay still being baled, gardens are still producing; we are blessed in the Mt Zion Area.

Happy Birthday to Gary Kenney. We think he is older than we neighbors think he is. I guess he should know since he was there and we were not.

Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm, it is never boring. This week Belle was out in the yard and kept barking and barking until Robin went to see why she kept barking. When Robin saw why Belle was barking, Robin said “Belle what are we going to do?” Robin got the bug spray, four cans to be exact, and sprayed the biggest bunch of stripped bugs. They will not eat her garden now. Belle is happy to have some baby chickens hatching.

Dixie Peterson still doing therapy at Truman Lake Manor. Glad to hear from her, she is enjoying her mail.

Wanda Rector enjoyed daughter, grand daughter and great-grand children for a few days. Wanda has finished decorating her bedroom. She put her quilt on a ladder and got it right the first time.

Visitors in the John and Julia Snethen home Sunday were David and Shella Vandiver and Breanna Mathis from Knob Noster, bringing the dog, Rex, home from the vet. John had made an Oats bus trip this past week.

Tom and Beverly Pelkey are staying inside enjoying the air conditioner. Tom been watering early in the day, not doing much mowing. Beverly is busy keeping the hummingbirds fed.

Remember to VOTE Aug. 4. If you don’t vote you shouldn’t gripe.

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