By Marge Zink & Julia Snethen

The morning message at Rockville United Methodist Church by Pastor Linda Wansing was titled: “Sit, Kneel, Stand Up!” from Nehemiah 1:1-4, 10-11. You are always welcome to join us each Sunday at 9 a.m. for Worship, Tuesday Bible Study at 9 a.m.

Mt. Zion area is busy getting ready for fall, enjoying the cooler weather.

Dixie Peterson is back at Truman Lake Manor after spending a few days at Golden Valley Hospital in Clinton. Has enjoyed several visitors. Still doing therapy three times a week. Marge Zink enjoyed a phone call, as did Charlene Crayton.

Brenda Peterson visited Stacy and Mike Griffith and Marge Zink Sunday.

Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm, Belle was delighted to help Robin take all the guinea eggs away from the setting hen so no more ugly guineas. Robin finished the last little people’s quilt, for a while anyway. Belle doesn’t figure that will last long.

Thursday, Rockville Handquilters enjoyed seeing Wanda Rector get a happy surprise from her daughters and nieces. Wanda was met Thursday morning in Bolivar at the doctor’s office keeping her appointment. Jennie and Debbie came home with her to spend the night and come to quilting; the four cousins were there at quilting to visit. While there they asked Wanda if she would like her Christmas present now? Of course, she did. They presented her with painted scenes of the home place, painted by one of her dad’s saws by one of the nieces. Wanda was really surprised, aren’t families wonderful.

Julia and John Snethen keep their usual Friday appointments and shopping. Julia is looking forward to having her eye surgery.

Tom and Beverly Pelkey are getting ready for winter. Tom checked the stove out on a cold morning, now he’s cutting wood. Beverly has been going to exercise class and finishing a quilt.

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