By Bobby Dain

Dains Fish Farm


How’s fishing?

It’s better now. It was cold and raining the last few mornings.

It was raining this morning (Saturday). They are still catching a few fish.  The fishermen are starting to slow down. It’s not nearly as crowded.

I think the fishing is still good, though. The people that I have seen fishing are still catching fish.

They are still catching flatheads and blue cats. Depends on what kind of bait you use.  If you use hotdogs (about anything you bait with including cut shad) you’ll catch blue cats. If you use live bait you’ll catch flatheads.

How’s the size running?

A lot of slot fish, of course, then they catch a few under the slot. I haven’t seen a lot of fish. I don’t know if it’s the weather or if people are going to the hunting. I had half a dozen people pull their lines yesterday.  I don’t think anybody quit because they weren’t catching fish. They quit because they wanted to go hunting.

Do they use crawdads?

No, because the otters eat them. A lot of people don’t have any fish in their ponds and don’t realize the otters are eating them. They will run two miles across the open to get to a stocked pond. They like to run. They are sneaky. They are smart, tough and strong and they like to run.

Those guys who were catching all those flatheads were using live bait, fishing deeper holes, fishing closer to the bottom.

Good bait works a lot better, too. Perch, bullheads, carp. I clip the spines on bullheads. I hook them in the back up a little from that fin on the back but not in the back bone.

What size hooks are you using?

Usually, you use a look according to the size of the bait you are using.           KL