By Helen Ellerman

Madalyn’s Kitchen, south of Schell City, is now open on Sundays for her buffet. You have to wear gloves to go to the buffet. You have to put new ones on every time you go back. Madalyn furnishes the gloves. She is not serving breakfast on Saturdays. She is back to her regular time on Saturday and during the week. She is closed every Wednesday. She will be closed Oct. 30.

Hunter Coy of Calhoun spent last week in the home of his grandparents, jerry and Karen Coy of Harwood. His dad, Joey, spent most of this week in his parents home getting his blower out.

The fall community dinner will be held at the Schell City Community building on Friday, Oct. 30. The kids will not be partying around the room in their costumes this year. I will put the time in my news next week.

The Harwood Post Office is open Monday through Saturday from 1:15 to 3:15 p.m. so people can get their mail, buy stamps and mail packages. The lobby is open 24 hours a day so people can get their mail from their box.

The area is very much in need of rain. The farmers in the area are getting corn and beans out but they are needing more rain.

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