by Julia Snethen and Marge Zink

Morning message at the Rockville United Methodist Church by Pastor David Hall was titled “Sowing an abundant seed” from Mathew 13:9-9,118,19,23 Romans 8:1-11 and Old Testament reading from Isaiah 55:10–13. You are always welcome to join us for worship each Sunday at 9 a.m. Tuesday Bible study 9 a.m.

The Mt. Zion area received several small showers of rain the past week; some neighbors received none.

A big thank you to whoever filled the crater sized potholes as you enter Rockville coming east off B Hwy.

Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm, Belle thinks she has figured out how to make it rain, she will lead speck, Petey and Mark’s mutt in a rain dance and get the neighbor’s dog to help. Robin is still knitting, and Mabel is watching the little people grow.

Judy and Terry Piepmier kept doctor’s appointments the past week.

Wanda Rector enjoyed a trip to Nebraska to see her great-grandchild in a skating contest.

Donnie and Florance Snyder will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary at the Rockville United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall from 2-4 p.m. July 23. Everyone welcome.

Rockville Hand Quilters have been busy quilting have finished a couple this past week.

Come and visit us, we ‘re a cool bunch, still drinking coffee and eating treats at 2:30.

John and Julia Snethen had a busy week with John running his bus route and Julia is keeping hair appointment also doctor’s appointments.