by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

Mt. Zion area got our fourth Sunday after Easter rain. The grass and leaves are sure growing. Few Turkey are gobbling. Farmers got more fields planted. More hummingbirds have arrived. I did see a Baltimore Oreo several times this week at our feeder eating an orange. I hope it stays here they are so pretty, my first one ever.

Kidd’s Chapel Cemetery meeting has been canceled until a letter date. Donations can be mailed to Sue Wilkins 545 SE 1100 Rd Deepwater, Mo. 64740.

Tom and Beverly Pelkey are doing fine, keeping busy with mowing grass and splitting wood and cleaning house.

Laverne Motley fell and broke her hip this last week. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

I enjoyed visiting with Dixie Peterson by phone recently. Dixie still doing therapy at Truman Lake Manor.  Since no visitors, she is watching a lot of TV and visiting by phone.

Over at the Robin Siegismound Farm, there is good news, Belle is very happy, Ruby the blind cow got in the yard and Belle was very happy to put her back in the pasture. Belle is so glad it is “Cowdog Up” and got busy doing something useful.  Robin is knitting little blankets and taking care of chickens.

Wando Rector celebrated another birthday which she enjoyed.. The best news was that son Rex cancer treatments are progressing nicely and will come home in a couple of weeks.

John and Julia Snethen have finally got all the flowers planted that Julia got for her birthday.

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