by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

Mt. Zion area had a beautiful Sunrise Easter morning. By afternoon we had rain, so guess we will have seven more weeks of Sunday rains. Some farmers got lots of corn planted. My friends that put out plants, the frost got them. By the time they get my age, they will wait until after Mother’s Day to plant their garden.

Sure enjoyed my “doorknob” mushrooms. The best way to enjoy mushrooms no walking no ticks just delicious eating.

Tom and Beverly Pelkey are staying home. Tom is busy mowing grass; Beverly has been cleaning.  Beverly and Marge miss going to exercise class. Marge is griping cause she cant go,  Beverly told her “you to know to be careful what you gripe about you might get your wish”.

Dixie Peterson still doing therapy at Truman Lake Manor, she does enjoy mail and phone calls. Marge enjoyed talking to her recently.

Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm, Belle has been a little grumpy with Robin being home more. Belle is getting shorter naps, can’t always do as she likes, even got upset at Specks (Mabel’s dog) and told her to go home. I don’t want to play. Robin is still knitting.

Julia and John Snethen are both doing well. John did make a trip to Knob Noster for medicine.

Keep praying for our country.

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